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What's "Punk Journalism"?

 "We're not trying to tell you what to think, just to think"-Suicidal Tendencies. 

As a society, we've fallen into the habit of settling for mediocre media in all it's forms. Bad music, movies, and especially "news." Why apply critical thinking to an issue, when Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow can do it for you? Now's the time to start stigmatizing the lowest common denominator. Liberalism, conservatism...it's pure religion. Pointing out with extreme prejudice the way that the media and politicians pander, and the way sheep fall for it. In the climate of 24-hours news and social media, we’ve been pitted against each other in an “us versus them” mentality. Our mission is to challenging the status quo, if for no other reason than to play devil's advocate.  Discussions need to be had, rather than simply settling for the overall perspective of your tribe. Nothing's more insulting than being pandered to. Punk Journalism is the enemy of propaganda.   

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made to the exclusive rights to use “JOURNALISM” apart from the mark as shown. 

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BLOG - Sympathy for the villain (aka victim)

The movie "Joker" questions what happens when mental illness isn't properly observed.

Did you see "Joker"? Did it make you uncomfortable? Maybe there's a good reason for that. I wrote this blog for Punk Journalism on how the movie does an amazing job of highlighting the importance of addressing mental illness. 

PODCAST - When is it ever acceptable to use the "n-word"?


 Recently Marlon Anderson was fired from his job at the Boys and Girls Club (and later rehired) after reprimanding a student who called him an n-word...by telling him not to call him an n-word. On Punk Journalism we asked if this zero-tolerance policy on racial slurs crosses the line of common sense. When, if ever, can we use this historically foul word? Is there any proper context?

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PODCAST - Toxic Masculinity and Guns: Part 2 with Dr. Prabha Unnithan


Do we take guns away? Do we blanket everyone with "mental illness"? Virtually always perpetrated by men, how do we get to the core of preventing mass shootings? Criminology expert Professor Prabha Unnithan shares his insights based off of years of research into criminal behavior. 

PODCAST - Conspiracy Theories and Those Who Fall for Them


Conspiracy theories are big business, and like every form of media, has a target audience. We discuss the new rise in popularity of conspiracy theories, and what kind of audience they attract. 

BLOG - "Thin Blue Line": Simply a reaction to Black Lives Matter


 The Blue Lives Matter/Thin Blue Line movement is clearly a direct reaction to, or against, Black Lives Matter. The name "Blue Lives Matter" conveys that...and it’s extremely tacky. Thin Blue Line was created years ago, but it's no coincidence that we're only seeing the symbol in mainstream popularity the past year or two. 

PODCAST - Guns and Toxic Masculinity With Dr. Jennifer Carlson


 I recorded this conversation with Professor Carlson months ago, and my busy schedule dictated that I wouldn't be able to get around to releasing it until now. But, due to the regularity of mass shootings in the US, unfortunately this is always a timely topic. Especially timely since just a few weeks ago there were two mass shootings in one day. In El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Professor Carlson’s work examines gun politics, policing and public law enforcement, the politics of race and gender, and violence. Her book on the politics of gun carry, Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline, draws on in-depth interviews and participant observation at firearms classes, activist events, shooting ranges, and online gun forums. The book examines the growing popularity of gun carry among American men. 

BLOG - Dan Caplis: One reason I'm no longer a conservative


Years ago, local AM radio pundit Dan Caplis helped steer me away from conservatism because he exemplified what I saw wrong with the ideology. Recently, I came across an interview he did with former Governor John Hickenlooper, and it made me sick knowing that I used to fall for his sneaky and condescending tactics.

PODCAST - Conversation with a stripper


There are a lot of stigmas placed on people who work in taboo professions, and perhaps they aren't given enough opportunity to speak about their work in a fair, mature way. We talked about what led her to this career, her background and what she has planned for her future. 

PODCAST - Public School Funding: Chasing Good Money With Bad?


 No child ought to be denied a five-star education. So, should taxes be increased to fund public education, or is the system so beyond repair that it needs to be revamped entirely? 

PODCAST - Patriotism Versus Nationalilsm


 "And I say, really, we're not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I'm a nationalist, OK? I'm a nationalist." Recently, Trump declared himself a nationalist. Chance and Nick argue that nationalism is little more than blind loyalty, and Eli makes his case that the definition has been distorted. 

PODCAST - Employee Benefits and Minimum Wage


 From experience, I can tell you that businesses don't do themselves any favors in the long-term by stiffing their employees on benefits and wages (It's called "morale"). Conversely, when we hear about a raising the minimum wage, we immediately assume it's a good thing, but there are many variables to look over. Does cashiering or working fast food warrant a "livable wage"? 

PODCAST - Toxic Masculinity and Guns


 Men who have a problem with the size of their dicks+firearms. Are these a good combination? We discuss toxic masculinity, what makes a man, guns and hunting. 

Podcast - Sports Fanaticism


 I've never been able to wrap my brain around people who let their week be affected by the performance of their team. Whether your team is worth a damn or not has zero impact on the quality of your community. So, why so much emotional investment?? 

Capitalism Versus Democratic Socialism


In the wake of Bernie Sanders declaring his intent to run for president, as well as Trump's statement during the State of the Union: "We are alarmed by the new calls to adopt socialism in our country”, we take a look at the merits of democratic social and capitalism, as well as their flaws. 

PODCAST - "Punching 'Nazis'" Has Become a Witch Hunt

The "punch Nazi's" movement has turned into a witch hunt. This is a follow-up to to Mike Ness blog.

 I took a lot of heat for a blog I wrote criticizing Social D's Mike Ness for punching a fan. Mostly with the justification that "it's always OK to punch 'Nazis'" It's a dangerous thing to demonize someone so harshly simply for disagreeing...as actual Nazis did.   

BLOG - Social D's Mike Ness Beating Up Fan...So Not Punk

Social Distortion lead singer Mike Ness beat up a fan at a July concert for opposing his politics.

 I love Mike Ness's music as much as I dislike Trump. Which is to say... a lot. But, beating someone up for reacting against your opinion is the opposite of punk. Dare I say, it's authoritarian.

PODCAST - Is FM Radio Still Relevant?

Why is FM radio still a thing? Whose still listening?

What's holding up FM radio from going the way of the dodo? How many times can you listen to "More Than a Feeling" or Five Finger Death Punch try to pass itself off as "hard rock"?  We question folks on the street on whether they still see the use in FM, or if streaming is their go-to. 

BLOG - My Experience on Tinder


"Can’t get a pregnant girl pregnant.” Yep. That’s an actual line I came across on someone’s Tinder bio. Tinder interactions are based almost solely off of physical attraction. “Hey, I know nothing about you other than I think you’re attractive enough to mate with. Can I have your number?” How far removed are we from cavemen, really? 

PODCAST - Kaepernick: Why Are We Still Talking About This Guy??


A year since Trump went on a Twitter rampage against all those who would take a knee during the National Anthem, Kaepernick has made controversy once again as Nike’s new spokesperson. We revisit the controversy, and debate the hypocrisies we each see on the issue. 

BLOG- A Small Man and His Guns


 A while back, I took a trip with an individual who couldn’t seem to resist the urge to point out all of the things he’d like to kill if his gun were handy. Is he a sociopath? Tiny penis? Both? Either way, it creates a bad stigma for gun enthusiasts.