What's "Punk Journalism"?

 "We're not trying to tell you what to think, just to think"-Suicidal Tendencies. 

As a society, we've fallen into the habit of settling for mediocre media in all it's forms. Bad music, movies, and especially "news." My goal is not to change people's minds, but to shed light on issues that aren't getting the attention they deserve. Pointing out with extreme prejudice the way that the media and politicians pander to the lowest common denominator. In the climate of 24-hours news and social media, we’ve been pitted against each other in an “us versus them” mentality. Our mission is to challenging the status quo, if for no other reason than to play devil's advocate.  Discussions need to be had, rather than simply settling for the overall perspective of your tribe. Nothing's more insulting than being pandered to. Punk Journalism is the enemy of propaganda.